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What does the name mean?

Yes, that is the question on everyone’s lips.  We wanted a unique and easy to pronounce name that also reflected our carefree “woman power” spirit.  Mele in the Hawaiian language means to sing or chant and Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire.  Add some accents on the é, put them together and you get the praises of “woman power”. 

Melé Pelé (me-lay pe-lay) started when two cousins on different sides of the pond came together to create a place that one can go to find practical gifts for couples, by providing towel sets along with massage oils.  It quickly manifested into requests for personalized towels as everyone seemed intrigued at the quality of the work.  The “infused oil” part of the business has not been started, but the demand and anticipation for “when are the oils going to be ready” have been pouring in.

Antoinette (U.S.) and Philippa (U.K.) wants everyone to see that we just don’t sell “towels”.  We sell couples retreat.  Our natural and organic infused massage oils for an allover invigorating experience will be paired with our “couples” towel orders.  We will sell our oils separately so that we capture our individual audience.  Watch us as we grow and expand our products.

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For orders or inquiries please email :  melepelelp@gmail.com